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Gentleman members and guests are required to wear jackets, dress shirts and
ties. Lady members and guests are required to wear clothing meeting similar
standards; specifically, tailored clothing that otherwise conforms to this
Rule, e.g. suits, dresses, or skirts and dress shirts or sweaters, or
tailored pants with dress shirts and jackets, elegant sweaters or scarves of
equivalent formality. Tailored pants paired with frilly/tailored/beaded tops
may be worn without a jacket, sweater or scarf.

The following clothing is prohibited in the Clubhouse at all times: jeans,
designer denim apparel and other denim clothing, shorts, Capri, clam digger,
and cargo pants, T-shirts, halter-topped sportswear and bare midriff tops,
mini-skirts or dresses, workout or warm-up suits, sport, beach or thong
sandals and sneakers or other athletic shoes.

Notwithstanding the above:
- On weekdays, members and guests checking into or out of guest rooms may
pass through the lobby, to and from the elevator and the front door, wearing
informal dress that includes no prohibited items, but after check-in and
before check-out the balance of this Rule applies in full;
- On weekends and holidays, incoming and exiting members and guests may pass
through the lobby or go to the Tap Room, Billiard Room, Television Room, a
guest room or an athletic facility wearing informal dress that includes no
prohibited items; and
- Jackets and ties are not required in the Tap Room on weekends. Ties are
not required at breakfast on weekends.

Otherwise, attire in the Clubhouse must conform to this Rule in all respects
and in all areas of the Clubhouse.

The Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine on a case
by case basis what is or is not appropriate attire, and in doing so its
objective will be to preserve the ambiance of the Clubhouse.
Members are advised, and should advise their guests (including those
attending member-sponsored events) that anyone, including children, not
conforming to this Rule after being requested to do so will not be served
and may be asked to leave the Clubhouse, or if going to a guest room or
athletic dressing room, to enter through the service entrance. Members and
guests must courteously and cooperatively respond to Club employees seeking
to achieve compliance with this Rule.

Cellular phones, other digital communication devices and laptop computers
must remain silent and may not be used in any of the public areas of the
Clubhouse, such as the Atrium, Douglas Reading Room, dining rooms,
corridors, athletic facilities, and restrooms. The conduct of business
meetings, display of business papers or any meeting where the discussion
becomes disturbing to others are also prohibited in public areas of the
Clubhouse. Private rooms are available by reservation.

Cellular phones and other digital devices may be used for making and/or
receiving phone calls and electronic messages in private rooms and in the
telephone booths located throughout the Club - most of which provide
adequate reception for these devices. In addition, many of the Club's house
phones may be used without charge for outgoing local calls, including most
calls to local cellular exchanges. Please keep usage brief and be
considerate of others seeking to use the booths.

Digital devices and laptop computers may be used silently in the Library and
in private rooms or other areas of the Clubhouse that may be designated for
such use by the House Committee.

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